Custom Seed Processing

Our Processing Services
Universal Seed is continually developing new methods for delivering high quality seeds. We can help you achieve the highest possible phyical purity on seed going into high value markets. We have the expertise to provide upgrading services to improve pure live percent of product. In addition to our Seed treating, coating, and disinfection services we provide de-soiling, custom cleaning, fumigation, and packing services to our customers
Process Description
De-soiling We provide a de-soiling process for high value product going into international markets with strict soil tolerances or with soil free requirements.   Our process will remove soil with minimal loss of seed and we certify our results. Our de-soiling service may be able to help your grow your sales in international markets with strict soil requirements for import.
Milling and Custom Cleaning We offer milling service for cleaning new crops of vegetable and flower seeds. We take the field run crop and can clean it to the desired phyisical purity standard. We also provide re-cleaning services using our expertise to remove contamination that may be difficult to remove.
Packing We bag seed or packaging into bulk. We can bag into customer supplied bags or we can provide bags.
Sizing We are currently set up for sizing beet, swiss chard, and spinach. We grade seed into large, medium, and small sizes for best uniformity and performance. We can offer several different sizing schemes. Inquire to learn more.