Seed Disinfection

Our Seed Disinfection Services
Clean Start is an organic disinfection process designed to significantly reduce the presence of Pseudomonas syringae aptata (Psa) on swiss chard and beet seed. This treatment also significantly reduces the presence of Pseudomonas on coriander seed. Clean Start has been reviewed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture Organic Program and is included in our Organic System process.
Our team has developed an organic disinfection process to reduce the presence of fusarium, stemphyllium, verticillium, and cladosporium on spinach seed. We are continuing to develop more disinfection treatments to eradicate a broader range of diseases in other crops. Check back for more updates as we develop new, exciting treatments to address other seed-borne pathogens.
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Crop Treatment Targeted pathogen
Swiss Chard/Beet Clean Start Pseudomonas syringae aptata (Psa)
Coriander Clean Start Pseudomonas syringae pv coriandricola (Psc)
Spinach seed Clean Start Fusarium
Other seeds Inquire Inquire