Seed Production

Our Commitment to Quality

Universal Seed Company (USC) is a third-party seed production company. We have proudly been delivering high quality vegetable seeds to our customers for the last three decades. We do not breed or market our own proprietary material. We multiply the genetics provided to us by our customers under strict rules of confidentiality. We provide modern infrastructure, a reliable business platform and top level expertise to provide variety specific seed production. To facilitate timely operations and maintain strict quality control Universal Seed maintains an extensive line of specialized field equipment specific to hybrid seed production. This includes transplanters, seeders, pollinator row trainers and destoyers, hybridizing sprayers, combines, harvesters and seed drying facilities. Making the commitment to have this equipment available for the reliable production of our crops sets us apart from our competitors. Successful seed production cannot be done with a one-size-fits-all approach. Each species and variety has its unique requirements and challenges that must be addressed to achieve the maximum yield of high quality, disease-free seed. Our agronomists work in lock step with growers, directing them on the best farming practices required to maximize yield while meeting the high quality standards required by today’s global market. Our goal is to develop an in-depth understanding of your genetic material and production requirements, so we can be your knowledgeable and reliable seed production partner.
Our Production Areas